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What group of creatives and engineers got into the R&D departments of multiple companies worldwide and invented equipment, and then convinced a conference room full of suits to tool up entire factories overseas to mass-produce, that has all its plugs in the back, that you’re supposed to place on the floor under your desk, and that REQUIRES that you unplug – have a cup of coffee – and then REplug the power and connecting cables EVERY TIME YOU WANT TO USE IT! This is the solution? This is tech support? It seems to be the universal GOLD STANDARD for product design these days.

Let’s see – what would that look like in my business…?

“Hello. Yes, I know that your print is a blank piece of paper again this morning. That’s how we designed it.

All you have to do is remove it from the frame, then in a totally dark room place it in a tray of Dektol for 2 minutes at 68 degrees with gentle agitation (much like what you’re feeling right now), drain it and move to an acetic acid stop bath for 30 seconds and then into the fixer for 5 minutes (or 10 unless you use rapid-fixer). Don’t get any on your fingers (click here to agree to indemnify us).

Now, that fixer can’t remain on the print or it will destroy it, so you’ll need to follow with 10 minutes in a hypo-clearing bath followed by an hour of washing at 68 degrees in constantly changing water. Just squeegee dry (try not to kink or fold the paper or you’ll ruin it), then air dry for a day, flatten it in a dry mount press (you have one of those, right) and reframe. Enjoy your print and thank you for choosing Mark Berndt Photography!

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Yeah, that’ll work.


©2016 Mark Berndt | All Rights Reserved