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I use photography to order my world, to segment and synchronize visual elements into little short stories about light and line and color.

I think these arrangements have an aesthetic and a personality that would go unnoticed if this little black border didn’t excise it from the surrounding chaos and celebrate its proportion and balance.

The challenge is not in the seeing, but in making the time to stop, consider, refine and preserve – and in recognizing when the effort was successful, or not.

The older I get, and therefore the longer I’ve been doing this, you’d think the finding and preserving of the little stories would be getting harder. But you know, I haven’t seen anywhere near ‘it all’ yet, and the world is a fascinating and constantly changing place that keeps sparkling up surprises that I want to capture – you know, literally put in my little trap and take home and mount on my wall.

And so the challenge is in making a picture that hasn’t been made before, that uses and stretches my understanding of what constitutes a photograph and satisfies my lust for glittering 2-dimensional gems by stretching and breaking the conventional laws of composition to create the most elegant balance of weights and colors and shapes. That exploration often results in pictures that are more about balance than subject – and that’s when the fun really begins. I  search out opportunities to make photographs of light, and of weight, and of relationship, and of movement – but perhaps not of any ‘thing’ in particular.

And I feel most accomplished when I make a photograph that is not a picture of the object I’m photographing, but of the moment itself.


© 2014 Mark Berndt | All Rights Reserved