A 1-day workshop.

Spend less time in front of the computer editing and processing your work – and improve your images at the same time! This class helps you create an understandable, efficient and repeatable digital workflow. Use the power of Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera RAW to organize, edit, process and present your images.


This eight-session course, through the Julia Dean Photo Workshops, is a perfect next step for digital photographers who have taken Julia Dean's Basic Photography class. Emphasis is on mastering your digital camera. Classroom discussion covers basic and advanced camera settings, determining perfect exposure, understanding white balance, shooting in MANUAL MODE, capturing images indoors and outdoors, building a basic digital workflow and RAW image processing.

Weekly shooting assignments and critique provide invaluable feedback about participant’s progress and prompt discussions about, and solutions to, real world photographic issues.


This eight-session course picks up where BASIC PHOTO II ends. Emphasis is on shooting and processing RAW files, pre-visualizing photos for post-production, a time-tested Photoshop workflow built on understanding and using layer masking. Organized to build a solid foundation for image enhancement, students learn how to complete a digital image using a select set of essential tools and proven professional techniques.

The foundation of the course is learning a reliable non-destructive workflow and understanding how to control color in the digital RGB file. Sharpening, retouching, compositing and B&W conversion are covered, and students prepare finished files and make digital prints in the JDPW Digital Lab

Weekly shooting assignments and critique provide invaluable feedback about participant’s progress and prompt discussions about, and solutions to, real world photographic issues.


Don't be intimidated by printing. Once you know the basics, making a beautiful print is the ultimate completion of your image.

This unique and exclusive two-session workshop, limited to 4 students at a time, helps you discern and correct color anomalies, refine your Photoshop file prep process for increased control over your final prints - whether on your own printer or with a lab - and de-mystify the process of downloading, installing manufacturer-available profiles, and printing successfully with different papers.

In the course of the day we will address monitor profiling, cropping and re-sizing procedures when working from "master files", proofing and gang-proofing for predictable results and an affordable printing experience.

The steps and strategies I teach are designed to be efficient and repeatable and to offer you an absolute workflow that you can practice whenever you want to print. Additionally we'll talk about our art - the contributions that image interpretation, paper choice, format, size and crop make to the success of our final image.

Plenty of one-on-one attention and answers to your questions.


Are you looking for the individualized curriculum and personal attention that a small custom class can offer?

Do you and a small group of photographer friends have special photography topic you'd like to address, but can't find the right workshop anywhere?

Let me create a custom workshop just for you. Photography, lighting, workflow, creative techniques, Photoshop, digital printing, business practices, and more...

Tell me what you need and I'll develop a class just for you >>>


I consult with many clients who prefer the individual attention of private instruction to address specific needs. One-on-one instruction produces fast results by working on specific skills and issues.

I offer creative and technical photography instruction including portfolio review, business strategy, photography and lighting instruction, targeted Photoshop training, workflow, color management, printing, archiving, equipment purchasing advice and more.

Based on an intial interview, I will develop a written strategy for a single session or a series sessions that meets your specific needs.